Project Description

How to defend against Cyberbullies and Trolls (2020): The inner working of the internet for parents

As seen on Fox News, ABC, NBC and many other news sites.

“A must read for parents” – Anna Bishop, Education Management and Career Assistant.

“…Parents need this book to can teach their children.” – Deborah Germain, Students Counselor.

Many parents didn’t know about the risks of cyberbullying so they couldn’t teach their children the dangers of the internet.

In this book, I want to show exactly how to deal with these modern problems. From the point of view of a computer scientist, web developer and an online reputation company manager, I want to teach how to prevent, mitigate, report, clean and manage a situation like this.

Trolls and cyberbullies lay on impunity, illusion of anonymity, lack of responsibility and desire to annoy you. I will teach to defend yourself, your children and your family’s reputation, always inside the law and managing all colateral effects.

I truly hope I can help you on this book.