Project Description

The Dark Secrets of the Search Engines: Find out what search engines are hiding from you (2020)

As seen on Fox News, ABC, NBC and many other news sites.

“This book show an interesting paradox of content marketing and Search Engines. Once you grasp the concept, it’s like you have a third eye. You realize how easy the game is.” – Kevin Costa, SEO specialist.

“You can read all SEO books, you will never go as deep as this one. This is a ‘killer’, there is no other SEO book after this one.” – Anna Carol Dubovsky, Content Marketing Manager.

Search engines are the gateway to the internet. Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other help millions of people every minute.

These companies got so big, their indexes algorithms gained a lot of complexity, and have created millions of new jobs for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agencies, Digital Marketing and E-commerce.

Search Engines want to be relevant so you can keep using them and they can keep money running ads. Is the most relevant article for the big majority really the most important article for you? Are you really interested in the tabloid link-bait over-the-top headlines that most people click? If it rotates around keeping the ads running, is everything we search trying to sell us something? Is everything we search trying to understand our values so they can better influence us into buying?

Meanwhile, outside of the Search Engines, SEO specialists work to manipulate their position on the Search Engines.
Also, digital marketers have carefully created each piece of content for you, sometimes, when exploring a topic, they show evidence for arguments that go against and in favor.

Privacy was not a concern till 2018 and companies were interested in increasing their sales by having our information and categorizing our social and economic aspects on search patterns and social medial information we give out.

This book will show what happens on the backstage. How SEO Agencies and professionals work their way up on the rankings using shady techniques and why Search Engines can’t stop them for once.