Project Description

The Fake News Dirty Business: Hackers exposed! Get inside the lucrative and unethical world of Fake News

As seen on Fox News, ABC, NBC and many other news sites.

“This book is a wake up call for how manipulative news can be at the point of micro target a group of individuals and influence them” – Livia James-Williams, marketing specialist.

“… It contains nuggets that you won’t find in any other books. It shows it all” – George Hamilton, history professor.

Today, we spend a lot of time on social media. Some rely solely on social media as their means of information. And we generate tons of other information when we read, like, share, comment, or even time we spend on it.

That massive information generated can be used to manipulate our actions and when it comes to purchase influence, that’s my minor concern. News can manipulate our point of view to influence an upcoming election and can we even influence our values and morals.

There are companies specialized in that field. They promote ads, they create viral content, and they use artificial intelligence to best target and influence us.

We will see the origins of Fake News till it become the profitable, unregulated anonymous and dirty business.
As usual, the purpose of this book is not only to make you aware of hackers can do, but also to advocate for laws that can forbid and punish any manipulative and illegal actions on the internet.